Chimney Cleaning in Wausau, WI

Did you know that every year there are an average of 25,000 chimney fires throughout the United States, resulting in $125 million in damages? An even more staggering fact is that most (if not all) of these fires could be prevented with proper chimney cleaning in Wausau, Schofield, Marathon County, and Brokaw, WI.

Chimney CleaningMarcell’s Specialties Inc. provides chimney sweeping services to customers in order to help you protect your home or business from fires caused by chimney buildups. Our goal is to ensure your chimney is properly swept and cleaned, so it’s free of any chemicals, buildups or compounds that may accidentally start a fire.


How Do Chimney Fires Start?

Chimney fires start largely as the result of creosote buildups. This tar-like substance is formed when burning ash and soot get trapped in the chimney and build up over time. Eventually, through humidity and moisture, they congeal. And, later when the substance dries, it becomes a layer of flammable creosote.

When creosote builds up over time, it becomes more likely to catch fire. The heat from a fire in your fireplace or the upward traveling embers of a fire can instantly ignite creosote, leading to widespread fires that quickly engulf the interior of your chimney. It’s not long before the fire spreads to every level of your home.


What Does Chimney Cleaning Do?

Chimney cleaning removes creosote and any cursory buildups from your chimney, so that there’s nothing at risk of catching fire. At Marcell’s Specialties Inc., our cleaning starts at your fireplace in Wausau, WI and goes all the way up to your chimney cap. This ensures we get everything and that your chimney’s interior is clean, bare stone. That way, the next time you start a fire in the fireplace, there’s no risk of it spreading upwards.


Clean Your Chimney

It’s recommended that homes and businesses with fireplaces and chimneys have these amenities cleaned once per year on average—or at the very least inspected. Marcell’s Specialties Inc. is ready to inspect and—if needed—clean your chimney, to help you prevent fires from occurring. Contact us today at 715-848-5194 to schedule a chimney cleaning appointment or browse our selection of outdoor fireplaces and fireplace design services.