Fireplace and Chimney Repairs in Wausau, WI

If you have a beautiful fireplace that has become damaged, fallen into disrepair or needs to be updated, Marcell’s Specialties Inc. is on the job! Our expert masons are available for a full scope of chimney and fireplace repair in Wausau, Schofield, Marathon County, and Brokaw, WI, so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace fully and completely.


Façade and Mantel Repairs

Fireplace RepairHow your fireplace looks is extremely important to the presentation of your space. If you’ve got a fireplace with chipped or missing stones, gouged wood, a sagging mantel or any number of other problems, it’s going to create an aura of disenchantment. On the flipside, a well-manicured fireplace that’s in perfectly-kept condition can light up a room and set a welcoming tone. Our team of masons and fireplace experts want to make sure your fireplace is affording you the latter.

We provide a full scope of structural masonry repairs to your fireplace façade, as well as mantel repairs to keep the entire installation looking beautiful.


Chimney Repairs

Your chimney is perhaps the most important part of your fireplace, because it’s responsible for jettisoning smoke away and keeping you safe. If your chimney is leaking, sagging or simply falling apart, trust our team to provide you with chimney repair in Wausau, WI. We’ll make sure the appropriate masonry and stonework is provided to restore the integrity of your chimney. When we’re done, your fireplace will function perfectly and safely.


Expert Masonry & Fireplace Repair

Don’t let your fireplace and chimney fall deeper and deeper into disrepair. Let Marcell’s Specialties Inc. provide the restorative touch it needs to look beautiful and function safely once again. Our expert masons will put in the work and attention to detail to ensure everything is beautiful and functional.

Contact us today at 715-848-5194 to learn more about our fireplace repair capabilities or to have one of our team members inspect your indoor or outdoor fireplace. We also offer chimney cleaning services!