April 2, 2018

Do yourself a favor

"We had an amazing experience with Marcell’s. We previously contacted a competitor with a lack luster result. During a routine fireplace cleaning, we were told that our fireplace had to replaced with a more modern. We insisted that there was nothing wrong with the fireplace but he refused to listen to us and talked down to us. This is the exact opposite of our experience with Marcell’s. BJ Marcell cleaned and serviced our fireplace. He treated us with respect and friendly conversation as he worked. All our future work will be with Marcell’s thanks to this experience. If you are on the fence if you want to call Marcell’s, please do yourself a favor and start with them. You will be happy with your choice."
October 18, 2017

Wonderful job

"BJ and his crew did a wonderful job on my fireplace went the extra mile to make sure it was prefect! I was pleasantly surprised when the bill came and it was over 700.00 less then the estimate! Thank you guys so much I love my fireplace!"
January 16, 2017

Superior product…

"We worked with Marcell's Specialties for our River Trail Estates project in Weston. Great working with them and superior product!"
January 13, 2016

Awesome job…

"The guys did an Awesome job...and worked very hard to have my new fireplace done before Christmas! I love it so much!"
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