Ideas for Making Your Television Work with Your Fireplace Mantel

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In modern homes, the television is generally at the center of the living room. We carve out a large amount of wall space for it, then position our furniture around it. It’s a natural focal point. The problem for homeowners with a fireplace in their living room, however, is that the fireplace is also a natural focal point.

Trying to design around a television and a fireplace in the same room is hard, which is why most homeowners opt to combine the two. They hang the TV above the fireplace and consolidate everything into a singular building point for the entire room.

But this isn’t always as easy as it seems. You don’t want to detract from the fireplace or draw attention from the TV. To make them work together, you need to consider fireplace mantel ideas in Wausau, WI that give both focal components their due. Let’s take a look at some ideas:

  • Sizing: The best way to make the two work together is to ensure they’re roughly the same size. For example, if your fireplace façade measures 3’ across on the diagonal, you’re going to want to stick within the 36”-42” range for TVs. A television that’s too big is going to dwarf the fireplace and make your entire setup seem top-heavy.
  • Separation: It’s necessary to create a degree of separation between the TV and the fireplace, even when they’re adjacent. In some cases, this is as easy as framing the TV with wood paneling; in other cases, it might require changing the façade of your fireplace to be more stand-out. Distinguishing one from the other is important in keeping them separate entities in a room where they’re close together.
  • Texture: A great way to bring cohesion to your TV above the fireplace is via textures that are different from the fireplace façade. If your fireplace is stone, use a brick backing for the TV; if the fireplace is brick, use wood or plaster behind the TV. The difference in texture will truly distinguish both focal points, while helping them remain visually appealing.
  • Complement: It’s important to remember that the TV and fireplace don’t have to be the only design elements you work with. Many fireplace mantel ideas in Wausau, WI incorporate shelving, mirrors, cabinets, bookshelves and other aesthetics. Use these to bring personality to your mantel, while accentuating both the fireplace and the television.
  • Hide: Just can’t seem to make one or the other work in tandem? Hide it! Decorative fireplace grates can block the fireplace while still adding to the room’s décor. Likewise, putting the TV inside a cabinet or shadowbox that can hide and reveal it is a great way to keep the room utilitarian until you’re actively using the TV.

Getting the TV to work above the fireplace can be difficult, but it’s far from impossible. Consider the design of your room and the style of your décor to see if any of the above options might work for you. If you’re having trouble, Marcell’s Specialties Inc. can help!

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