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How To Properly Prepare Your Fireplace For Spring

March 21, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

After a long, cold winter, your fireplace is probably feeling a little tired. But there are still a few things you can do to prepare your fireplace for this spring season.  Clean The Flue  Keeping your chimney clean is the single most important thing you can do to keep your home and family safe. Whether you have a gas- or oil-fired appliance, you need to ensure the flue is in tip-top shape. The first step is to inspect the chimney for damage or build-up of creosote. To do this, use a flashlight to shine into the flue and smoke chamber.... View Article

How To Properly Prepare for a Professional Chimney Sweep and Clean

November 18, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

How do I prepare my fireplace for cleaning? There are many things you can do. But, before we discuss how to prepare for your chimney sweep appointment, you should know that chimney sweeps are beneficial in keeping your fireplace working properly. Not having your chimney swept can affect how it operates and even cause danger to your household. Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Do I need to prepare my chimney for a sweep and cleaning? The answer is yes, but there are many ways you can do this. Ensure Your Fireplace Has Cooled Off For a professional to be able... View Article

Important Maintenance Information You Need to Know if You Have a Fireplace

September 18, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

A fireplace is a great feature for any home. It can help make the home warmer in the cooler months, they are pretty to look at, and they can be a great focal point. Knowing how to care for your fireplace can make a huge difference in how well it works for you and how safe it is. To learn more, keep reading. Why is It Important to Get My Fireplace Cleaned? It is important to either clean your fireplace yourself or have it cleaned professionally, for a few reasons. The first is that a dirty fireplace is going to... View Article

Signs It’s Time To Get Your Chimney Cleaned

September 4, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

A fireplace provides the much-needed warmth to beat the cold in the winter months. It also becomes the centerpiece of any room it’s in, immediately grabbing attention and becoming a conversation starter. However, for a traditional fireplace to continue operating safely and efficiently, regular chimney cleaning is essential. When should I get my chimney cleaned? Let’s look at some of the signs to look out for. 1. A Hard Time Starting a Fire To successfully light a fire, the area needs oxygen. If you find that it’s taking longer than usual to get the fire going or that it’s not burning as brightly... View Article

How Do I Clean My Fireplace?

May 4, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Your fireplace is a vital part of your home. It adds warmth and makes the home’s interior more comfortable and livable during the cold season. It also makes the home more ambient and stylish. In most homes, the fireplace is the living room’s focal point. Regularly cleaning the fireplace and doing it correctly is vital. This will lessen smoky odors, dust, and particulates in the home’s air while minimizing the risk of accidental fire damage. Whether it’s a wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplace – here’s how to clean a fireplace. What’s the Best Way To Clean My Fireplace? For a... View Article

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