Five Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Summer

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Warmer weather is finally arriving here in Wisconsin, which means many homeowners will be turning off their fireplaces for good until fall. Although it might be tempting to ignore the fireplace altogether in favor of heading outside, you should take a few necessary steps to get your fireplace cleaned and prepped for the next cold season.

Conducting fireplace maintenance in Wausau, WI does not take very much time and can be finished in a few simple steps. These easy-to-do tasks can help prevent future problems with your fireplace and ensure it’s ready to work when you need it next. Here are some tips for preparing your fireplace as we head into summer:

  • Remove the ashes: If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, you’ll want to clean up any remaining ash from the box. Use an ash shovel and bucket or a vacuum to remove the ashes while wearing protective gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling any remnants.
  • Sweep the chimney: If your fireplace is connected to a chimney, the warmer spring and summer months are some of the best times to have your chimney swept by a professional. Chimney sweeps experience a dip in business during the warm months, so you should be able to schedule an annual cleaning with ease. Additionally, ask the company about installing a chimney cap for the summer to prevent debris like leaves and small critters from making your chimney their home.
  • Turn off pilot light: In gas fireplaces, the pilot light ignites the flame and will continue to generate heat if it is left on. Once you know you won’t be using your fireplace any more this year, turn the pilot light off to reduce your utility bills. You can save a few hundred dollars in just the summer months, so don’t forget to make this crucial small change!
  • Have repairs done: Spring and summer are great times to have your fireplace inspected by a professional fireplace maintenance company because you won’t have to wait for it to cool or experience down time. Call for fireplace maintenance in Wausau, WI and have any necessary repairs done now so you can ignite your fireplace free of fear come fall.
  • Clean glass doors: The glass doors protecting your home from the fireplace can appear dirty and foggy after many uses during a long Wisconsin winter. After your fireplace is completely cool, remove the glass doors and clean them with a cloth and designated fireplace cleaner to make them sparkle and look nice all summer long. If you notice any chips or cracks in the glass, now is the time to have the doors replaced.

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