How to Safely Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel for Summer

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The mantel on your fireplace draws the eye of guests and is often the center of attention in a room. This is why choosing the right fireplace mantel decor in Wausau, WI is such a challenge for homeowners—what kinds of decoration will look visually appealing for each season?

At Marcell’s Specialties Inc., we’ve had decades of experience building fireplaces and mantels for homeowners and know how important safe fireplace decoration is. In summer, your fireplace will most likely be unused, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ignored. Use your mantel to add a special something to your living room, office or den with some of these bright, fun and summery decorations.

Keep safety in mind

Thousands of home fires start each year due to unclean fireplaces or personal objects being set too close to a fireplace. Even if objects are not directly touching the flame, fireplaces give off an extraordinary amount of heat and can set certain fabrics and materials ablaze. When considering summer fireplace mantel decor in Wausau, WI, be careful to consider potential fireplace hazards and make sure your fireplace is clean and the pilot light is turned off before putting any flammable substances near the area.

Try these fun, summery mantel ideas

Here are some great ideas for summertime fireplace mantel decorations that can be accommodated by any budget:

  • Plants: Summer in Wisconsin is bustling with new life, so bring some of that greenery indoors! Add a few small potted plants, flowers, bamboo or succulents to the fireplace mantel and enjoy the smell of nature and the signs of growth within your home. If your plant has longer vines, be sure to drape them safely atop the mantel so they don’t become a hazard.
  • Artwork: Bright pieces of artwork or photographs can make a statement above an unused fireplace and focus the room. A single, large piece or a set or cluster of related pieces can draw the eye and liven up the space with cheerful, summery vibes.
  • Mirrors: Large, decorative mirrors or clusters of smaller mirrors will reflect the natural light that streams through your windows in summer and make your indoor space feel larger, lighter and more open. Prop the mirror against the wall or hang it directly on the wall above the mantel and place small summery knickknacks in front.
  • Framed fabric: A pop of color is always a fun addition to a room in summer, particularly if the room is painted and decorated in more neutral colors. One fun idea is to take a large piece of patterned, colored fabric and wrap it around a large canvas. Staple the fabric in place at the back of the canvas and put the canvas in a decorative frame, then hang it above the mantel.
  • Shells: Shells immediately make us think of the beach and summertime. Adding a variety of differently sized and colored shells along your mantel can bring ocean-side feelings straight into your home.

At Marcell’s Specialties Inc., we offer a variety of fireplace accessories to accompany our expert fireplace installation, repair and maintenance services. We’ve served Wisconsin residents and commercial businesses for over 65 years with our selection of fireplaces, fire pits, pellet stoves and more. We even do custom stonework, masonry and mantels to build you the fireplace of your dreams. Visit us today!

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