The Benefits of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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Wood-fired pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular in residential settings, with people looking for extra ways to amp up their entertaining capabilities. This is especially ideal if you have ample outdoor space dedicated to cooking and entertaining already.

Here are just a few of the primary benefits of wood fired pizza ovens often professed by people who use our wood stoves in Wausau, WI:

  • It creates an impeccable food experience: Sure, you could go on and on about the taste of a pizza grilled in a wood-fired oven, but it’s not the taste alone that makes using one so great. The entire experience of cooking and eating a pizza, especially sharing that experience with friends and family, gets elevated when using a wood-fired stove. The warmth of the fire, the orange and red glow that emanates from the stove and, of course, the amazing smell, all make for a memorable experience, whether you’ve got over a group of your best friends or you’re sharing a romantic evening with your partner or spouse. Plus, people can safely gather around the pizza oven and talk, unlike other outdoor cooking tools.
  • They are a superior appliance: Wood pizza ovens are a better cooking option simply due to the fact that they provide several cooking methods simultaneously. You have a convection oven without having to use an electrical fan to keep that heat circulating, due to the shape of the dome and the setup of the fire. You have conduction cooking, as the refractory bricks store the heat in one area, maintaining the temperature of the oven and then transferring that heat to the food. And finally, you have radiant cooking, as the heat that’s stored in the bricks goes back into the food. All of this allows for higher cooking temperatures and a better end result.
  • They’re highly versatile: While these ovens might be designed with pizza in mind, they’re not just for pizza. You can cook just about anything in your wood-fired oven, including breads, cakes, vegetables, stews, fish, roasts, desserts, ribs and so much more. You’re not just limiting yourself to cooking pizzas when you build a pizza oven on your property.
  • They don’t need gas or electricity: You can reduce your reliance on the electrical grid of your home and get back to the basics, using wood to fire your cooking method. If your power ever goes down for some reason, it’s not a problem—you can continue using your outdoor wood-fired stove to get your cooking done.
  • You can avoid heating your home: On hot days during the summer, the last thing you want to do is turn on your oven inside and heat up your home, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. Using a wood fired pizza oven allows you to still get your cooking done while avoiding heating up your home.

For more reasons why you should look into using one of our wood stoves in Wausau, WI for your pizza cooking, contact Marcell’s Specialties Inc. today. We have both stainless steel pizza ovens and masonry pizza ovens available for your perusal.

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