Keep Your Wood Stove in Wausau, WI Burning All Night with These Tips!

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Now that fall has arrived and winter is coming soon, you’re probably getting more and more use out of your wood stove in Wausau, WI. While wood stoves can be effective at keeping your home warm when temperatures drop, it can be a challenge to keep your fire burning over the course of the night, which is typically when it gets the coldest. There’s no magic formula for keeping a wood stove burning through the night, but there are several things that you can do to keep it burning for as long as possible to keep your home warm during the fall and winter.

How to set up a long burn

In order to keep the fire in your wood stove burning for as long as possible, you have to focus on the placement of your coals and your logs, but first make sure that you’re prepared to ignite a long burn. You will need to gather some seasoned, dry logs for your stove and make sure that there are plenty of hot coals in your stove before you start your fire. You should concentrate your hot coals along the front of your stove so that there is plenty of heat to ignite your logs. Leaving your coals distributed around your stove makes it more likely that your logs will all ignite at once, which leads to a faster burn.

Once you’ve arranged your coals, gather several logs for your fire. Depending on the size of your stove, you should get five to seven logs that are each four to six inches across. Starting at the back of your stove, place your pieces so that they are all parallel to the front of your stove. The log that’s furthest back should be touching the back of your firebox, and you should nest pieces so that they are packed tightly in your stove. The last log that you lay down should be touching your hot coals near the front of your stove.

You shouldn’t have to worry about kindling as long as your coals are hot and your logs are dry. After arranging all of your logs, shut the door to your stove and give your logs a chance to ignite. It should only take a few minutes for a fire to start up in your wood stove in Wausau, WI. The fire will start at the front of your stove, where the hot coals are located, and slowly spread to the back of your stove over the course of several hours.

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