Pros and Cons of Gas vs. Electric Stoves

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Regardless of how much cooking you do, it’s important that you have access to all of the kitchen appliances you need when you’re ready to prepare a meal. If you’re in the process of updating your kitchen or outfitting a kitchen in your new home, you might be trying to select a new stove. There are a lot of great options out there, but you’ll have to start by deciding whether you want a gas stove or an electric stove in Wausau, WI. Both of these options offer certain advantages, but it’s important to carefully consider which one is better for your needs, preferences and lifestyle before making a final decision:

  • Efficiency: One of the important things to consider about stoves is their heating efficiency. Electric stoves heat more efficiently, which prevents heat from being released into your kitchen while you cook. This helps moderate the temperature in your kitchen and prevents temperatures from rising significantly while your stove is in use.
  • Heating time: It takes a while for electric cook tops to heat up once they turn on, which means that heat time can take a bit longer. Gas stoves immediately release heat when they are ignited, meaning that you can start cooking immediately without waiting for the stove to warm up. Removing heat from your stove is also a lot faster with gas stoves since you can turn off the source of the heat immediately.
  • Cost: The cost of gas and electric stoves can vary widely depending on the specific model and the features included. However, electric stoves tend to be more expensive to use than gas stoves. Because propane and natural gas are typically less expensive than electricity, you will likely pay more for energy monthly with an electric stove than with a gas stove.
  • Control: It’s easy to adjust heating temperature with a gas stove. You can adjust the size of the flame with the turn of a knob and get an immediate change in your heating temperature. With an electric stove, it can be more difficult to adjust the heating temperature, since there’s no visual way for you to gauge the adjustments.
  • Durability: Gas stoves tend to be slightly more durable than electric stoves. They are less susceptible to damage than electric heating elements are. However, electric stoves are usually easier to clean than gas stoves, which means that you won’t have to spend as much time on cleaning and maintenance.

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