What to Do When Your Fireplace Is Sending Smoke Into Your Home

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While using a fireplace normally stirs up warm and cozy feelings, if your chimney is causing excess smoke to drift into your home, the experience might not be as pleasant. In addition to being hazardous, smoke that has entered into the living space can settle on the carpet, furniture and draperies, and the lingering odor could potentially cause respiratory problems for those in the home. Here are some of the most common reasons why smoke might be coming from your fireplace in Wausau, WI:

  • Cold flue: If your chimney’s flue is perpetually cold, there will be problems with its operation. A cold flue will cause the firewood to burn slowly, which can cause smoke to flow into your home. In fact, if there is cold air in the flue, the escape of smoke could be blocked completely, and you will need a professional to diagnose why this area continually stays cold.
  • Closed damper: Although it is a relatively simple step to take, always be sure that your damper is open before starting a fire. If the damper is closed, you will have both smoke and its odor permeating your home.
  • Chimney blockage: It is recommended that you have your chimney serviced at least once a year by a professional before using it for the season. Each year that you use your fireplace, creosote and soot build up inside the chimney. Without routine maintenance, this buildup can become so severe that it blocks your chimney and affects the operation of your fireplace. Using a heavily soiled chimney can quickly become unsafe, and could fill your home with dangerous and damaging smoke. Alternatively, if your fireplace is used infrequently, there is the possibility that a bird’s nest or other animal debris has found its way into your chimney. This would also cause a blockage that creates issues with the functionality of the flue.
  • Poor design: A poorly designed chimney can also create problems that cause smoke to flow into your home. For example, if the chimney is too short for your home and fireplace, the smoke will eventually begin to drift into your home every time you start a fire.
  • Wet wood: If the wood that you use for your fire is too wet, it will burn quickly and produce more smoke than your flue is suited to handle. You will have to speak with a chimney professional about the best way to ensure that your chimney meets your fireplace’s needs.

Because the excess smoke seeping into your home can create a safety hazard, correcting the issue is not a typical DIY job, and it is best to consult with an experienced and licensed team to figure out the ideal plan of action. If smoke has been coming from your fireplace in Wausau, WI, contact the team at Marcell’s Specialties Inc., where we specialize in the types of repairs and maintenance you need to keep your chimney clear. To ensure that your family can enjoy sitting around the fireplace in safety and comfort, make sure you give us a call today.

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