What You Should Know About Chimney Fires

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Fireplaces can add incredible comfort and warmth to a home. When they are cared for properly and used according to guidelines, they can provide a safe source of heat that looks great in a wide variety of different living spaces. Unfortunately, fireplaces can also cause fires that damage property, destroy homes and lead to injuries. To ensure that you can continue using your fireplace safely for years to come, it’s important to understand a little bit more about chimney fires and the fireplace safety in Wausau, WI that can help prevent them.

Chimney fire basics

Your fireplace is designed to safely sustain fires and release smoke through your chimney. Most chimney fires are caused by excessive debris or hazardous buildup in your fireplace or chimney. If there’s an excessive amount of debris in your chimney, it prevents proper airflow and can provide sufficient fuel for a fire. Many chimney fires are explosive and incredibly dangerous, and that’s because the debris that gets stuck in your chimney tends to be especially flammable. Smoke, gas, fuel and unburned wood particles that stick to the sides of your chimney are all extremely combustible components that can catch fire in an instant and lead to major damage to your chimney and your home.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire. Here are some tips:

  • Use appropriate fuels: In order to prevent a house fire, it’s important to use your fireplace properly, and a key part of that is using the appropriate fuels for your fires. A lot of people use fuels that aren’t suitable for fireplace fires, and this can contribute to a dangerous buildup of highly combustible materials in the fireplace. Make sure you follow the recommendations for your specific fireplace so that you can ensure safety in your home.
  • Supervise all fires: No matter what, you should always monitor your fireplace when a fire is actively burning. You should never leave a fire burning when you’re away from the home, and you should avoid leaving the room where your fire is burning for prolonged periods of time. When you aren’t actively building or tending to your fire, you should keep your fireplace door closed and stay a safe distance away from your fireplace to avoid burns.
  • Maintain your fireplace: One of the most important aspects of fireplace safety in Wausau, WI is regular fireplace maintenance. During professional maintenance, a fireplace technician will inspect your fireplace, clean your fireplace and chimney and make repair recommendations as necessary. A routine fireplace maintenance appointment can make a big difference when it comes to the long-term condition and safety of your fireplace.

Learn more about fireplace safety in Wausau, WI

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