Does a Pellet Stove in Wausau, WI Require EPA Certification?

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Pellet stoves are popular for their effective heat production and cozy ambience that can enhance a living space, but there are a lot of factors that you have to take into consideration if you want to add one of these units to your home. One of the most important questions that people ask when they invest in a pellet stove in Wausau, WI is whether these systems are environmentally safe and what types of certification, if any, they require to operate safely and efficiently. Read on to find out more about environmental considerations for your pellet stove.

Pellet stoves and pollution

A lot of people are concerned about whether pellet stoves produce a significant amount of pollution. Some types of fireplaces produce a lot of pollution from the burning of wood and other materials. These fireplaces require certification to ensure that they can burn safely and minimize environmental pollution. Pellet stoves, however, burn much cleaner than other types of fireplaces and stoves. Pellet fuel is designed to promote efficiency, minimize pollution and prevent messiness. Because of how clean and efficient pellet stoves are, they don’t require any EPA certification to operate in accordance with regulation. Still, a lot of manufacturers who produce pellet stoves choose to achieve EPA certification to assure customers that their units will operate safely and efficiently.

Another benefit of the efficiency of pellet stoves is the fact that they can save you a significant amount of money over other stove and fireplace options. The pellets used in pellet stoves are designed to burn very hot, and they put off a significant amount of energy during combustion. Compared with wood, pellets are much drier, which means that they produce a lot more heat. Because of how efficiently pellet stoves can heat a space, you can save money on fuel by reducing the need for central heating in your home, and thereby lower the amount that you pay on electricity every month. As an added benefit, pellets produce much less ash and aren’t as messy as traditional wood stove fuel.

If you want to purchase a pellet stove in Wausau, WA for your home, it’s a good idea to ask for professional recommendations so that you can get the most benefits possible from your purchase. They will be able to help you find the brands and models that make the most sense for your space and will provide you with the best efficiency and functionality possible.

Find a pellet stove in Wausau, WI

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