How to Clean Your Grill at the End of the Season

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Summer is winding down. The season likely included a number of fun cookouts and family barbecues. Now you’re jumping into fall activities and preparing your home and yard for the cooler months. As you pack up your grill for the season, be sure to clean it properly and employ appropriate grill maintenance in Wausau, WI so it’s ready for next year’s feasts.

What is the proper method for this grill maintenance in Wausau, WI? Use the following guide to ensure your grill is cleaned and ready for winter storage. This minor effort each fall will extend the life of your grill and make firing it up in the spring a lot easier.

Clean It

To clean electric and gas grills for the season, brush the grates thoroughly with a quality grill brush. Don’t forget to brush the burners and any flavorizer bars, too. Use a putty knife to scrape the entire interior surface. You can push all the debris into the grease tray for disposal. Then, clean the drip pan thoroughly in the sink or even run it through the dishwasher (after you’ve emptied it).

For charcoal grills, the process is a bit different, but the goal is the same. You want to remove all food particles and leftover cooking debris from the grill. If this process is not completed, you may discover mold growth by next spring. Any leftover food also invites pests to make a home in your grill. To clean your charcoal grill, brush the grates until they are clean, then scrape the interior with a putty knife. If you have an ash vacuum, you can use this to remove the ashes from the grill. Be sure to empty your ash catcher and clean it, too.

Move It

Do you need to move your grill indoors for the winter? This isn’t always necessary for grill maintenance in Wausau, WI. However, Wisconsin winters can be rather harsh, so if you have room inside a garage or storage building, storing your grill there for the winter will help protect the grill from the elements. Remember, if you have a propane tank in your grill, never store the tank inside. If you move your grill inside, remove the tank and store the tank outdoors.

Protect It

If you plan to leave your grill outside for the offseason, invest in a quality grill cover. While this won’t provide perfect protection from the snow and ice, it will minimize the grill’s exposure and help prevent damage. Keep in mind that you might have to evict insect and rodent families in the spring who have decided to move into your grill for the season.

Get More Tips

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