How You Can Still Use Outdoor Fireplaces in Wausau, WI Through Fall and Winter

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Summer is gone. With fall here and winter soon to come, most people want to stay indoors and hide from cold weather—but not you! You have an outdoor fireplace, which you fully intend to use over the next several months. An outdoor fireplace can keep you warm and is good for entertaining and relaxing after a long day, but how do you know that your patio fireplace is ready for chilly weather gatherings?

Below are some tips for using outdoor fireplaces in Wausau, WI through the cold and wet months of fall and winter:

  • Cover the fireplace area: A typical outdoor fireplace sits on a patio and has a chimney, unlike a fire pit. To keep rain and snow off your fireplace area and prevent it from getting down inside the fireplace unit, make sure it’s all properly covered. That means the chimney exit has a ventilated “roof” and the patio has a solid cover. Closing up your fireplace tightly keeps it dry when not in use.
  • Create a comfortable spot: Your outdoor fireplace sitting area should have the same comforts as an indoor fireplace. It needs comfortable weather-resistant furniture and cushions, throw pillows, a plushy outdoor rug and tables for holding snacks.
  • Warm up the flue: Always warm up the flue before tossing in enough wood for a full-on fire. To do this, burn one log, then add more as the fireplace warms up. You want the flue and firebox to warm up slowly to prevent thermal shock, which can lead to cracks in the flue and masonry.
  • Keep wood dry: Burning dry wood logs keeps the flue clean and clear of fire-causing creosote. Creosote can also cause the inside of your chimney to get too hot and crack the chimney liner. Additionally, wet logs are harder to light and keep lit. Mold growth and pest infestations on wet logs are additional possibilities. Burning infested wood can send unhealthy particles flying around the patio.
  • Invest in a fireplace addition: If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace or your current feature is worse for wear and needs to be replaced, fall is a good time to invest in one. Outdoor fireplaces that are installed properly and kept functional and beautiful can boost the value of your property, and you get to enjoy it throughout the chilly months. Talk to a professional fireplace installer about your options.
  • Keep warm and happy: Your outdoor patio fireplace has a roof overhead, comfy furniture to sit on and a fire that’s roaring strong. Now, all that’s left is to bring out the wool blankets and hot chocolate to keep everyone extra warm this fall and winter. After your evening has wrapped up, store the cushions of your outdoor furniture, as well as any blankets, so they are clean and dry for the next time you want to use them.

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