Different Ways to Style a Fireplace Mantel

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Fireplaces add a lot of warm to a home, and not just in terms of the air temperature. They are very homey and welcoming, and are quite an attractive architectural feature to include in a room. It’s not just the fireplace itself that makes the statement, either—the mantel, when designed properly, can help you display your personality and style of decoration.

The kinds of designs and décor you use with your fireplace mantel will depend largely on its size and the material it’s made out of (wood, stone, stucco, etc.). Here are just a few design tips for you to keep in mind when considering what you’ll use for fireplace mantel décor in Wausau, WI:

  • Find an anchor piece: The anchor piece you use for your mantel should be some large object that will tie the design together. It could be a large piece of artwork, or a mirror or wreath that will serve as the main focal point. It’s a good idea to start your decorating with this sort of anchor piece, and then create the rest of the design to complement it.
  • Use layers as appropriate: There are some circumstances in which the anchor piece might dominate the mantel. If this is the case, it can be helpful to create some layers of items in front of that anchor piece. Ideas might include the use of smaller artwork, family photos or personal items that you’ve collected over the years that have some meaning to you.
  • Extend the design upward: Your mantel design will be more aesthetically pleasing if you use features that have varying heights. You might choose candlesticks of different heights, or stacked books. Having candlesticks on each end can serve as a sort of bookend to the appearance. The use of antique books is recommended on fireplace mantels, because they have an extra unique aesthetic, though newer books with clean lines are also certainly fine if you’re going for a more modern appearance.
  • Avoid symmetry to look more relaxed: Going for an exactly symmetrical appearance on your mantel can be eye-appealing to some extent, but it will also make the mantel appear much more formal. If you want something more relaxed and welcoming, asymmetry is the better way to go. Feel free to display items of many different categories in different sizes and shapes and in odd numbers. If you want the mantel to look slightly more polished, you can use like items in even numbers, such as pairs of candlesticks bookending the anchor piece you’ve chosen.
  • Greenery: Adding some real or artificial plants can add quite a bit of life to your mantel. Use different vases if you wish, but sticking to one type of plant is probably a good idea.

These are just a few tips that can help you get the most life and aesthetic appeal out of your fireplace mantel. For more tips about how to incorporate fireplace mantel décor in Wausau, WI, contact the experts at Marcell’s Specialties Inc. today.

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