Add Style and Character to Your Home with a Wood-Burning Stove

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Many parts of the United States experience extremely cold weather during the winter months. This is the time when heating bills go way, way up, whether your home’s heating system runs on gas or electricity. But there is a way to keep your home warm all winter long without breaking the bank: install an efficient wood-burning stove. They look nice while providing heat to your indoor living space, and this type of investment is worth every penny. If this is your first wood-burning stove or you’re replacing an old unit, visit your local stove retailer for options, pricing and answers to your questions!

Installing a stove doesn’t mean you have to discontinue using your heater or fireplace. Use it solely or in conjunction with other sources of heat to keep wintertime energy bills down. In addition to this, a new wood-burning stove can add style and character to your home.

Style and size variety

There are all sorts of wood-burning stove styles in Wausau, WI, which is excellent news, since most homeowners want a unit that both heats well and looks good at the same time. Modern-day wood-burning stoves are available in a variety of styles and finishes, making them the perfect combination to accent your home’s decor. In the case of wood stoves, one style does not fit all, and having so many style options means you’re bound to find one that’s ideal for your home.

As for the size of wood-burning stoves, you’ll be happy to hear that they come in all sizes. Before choosing a stove, be sure to consider the area of your home you want to heat. If your house has just a few rooms, look into smaller stove options. Installing a larger stove—or even using more than one—is more beneficial for heating homes with open floor plans or many rooms.

Replacing the old with something new

Home styles inside and outside will change with the times, and heating appliances are no exception. For example, many homes from the 1980s and 1990s featured bulky fireplace inserts, and some even had gas heaters standing flat against walls. Today, there are energy regulations in most states that place restrictions on energy usage as well as recommend the best times to use power during certain times of the year. If you are looking to be more energy efficient, consider investing in a wood-burning stove.


Most wood-burning stove aesthetics found in Wausau, WI revolve around beauty and style. This type of heating unit will make any room attractive and warm. A good-looking wood stove can also become the main focal point in your house. It’s a natural-born conversation starter, something your visiting family and party guests will notice immediately. Finally, a well-placed, properly-used wood-burning stove will bring the ambience you desire every time it’s fired up.

For a selection of beautiful, functional wood-burning stove styles in Wausau, WI, come to Marcell’s Specialties Inc. Call or visit our showroom today to see what we have in stock and get some professional recommendations!

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