Why You Should Consider Adding a Fireplace When Building a New Home

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The Wisconsin winters are long and cold, and that might be more than enough reason to convince you to add a fireplace to your home. But there are plenty of other reasons why fireplaces make great additions to any home, and if you’re planning on building a new home in the near future, you should consider working the addition of a fireplace into the original blueprint of the house.

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of new fireplace installation in Wausau, WI:

  • Heat: The most obvious benefit of a fireplace is the extra heat it can provide to your home, especially during the winter months. While the vast majority of modern homes will not need to use a fireplace as a primary heating source, there’s no denying the extra bit of comfort it provides on chilly evenings, when the ground is covered in snow and you’re holed up at home for the night. Gas fireplaces will provide a bit more heat than wood-burning units, but either one will give you some extra warmth and coziness.
  • Resale value: If you’re looking for ways to add some value to your new home build, a fireplace is a feature that will attract a lot of buyers. They are great centerpieces and focal points for any room, and you’ll find a sizable selection of buyers who specifically look for fireplaces in their home searches.
  • Aesthetic value: Fireplaces are an attractive feature to add to your home, and you can design them in such a way that they will fit in with any type of home design and décor. They come in all different styles, sizes, colors and finishes, and are highly customizable, especially for brand-new construction. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic feel in your home or want something more contemporary or industrial, you’ll be able to get a fireplace design that fits exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Energy efficiency: With energy efficiency and sustainable appliances becoming a greater focus for homeowners in today’s world, you can get the comfort and appearance of a fireplace without sacrificing energy efficiency by adding a gas fireplace to your home. These gas units are extremely efficient and burn clean. Even many wood-burning fireplaces will burn with lower amounts of toxins and less smoke, but you can’t beat gas when it comes to environmental friendliness.
  • Add to your exterior: There are also outdoor fireplaces you can add—different than fire pits, these are actual built-in fireplaces on the exterior of your home. They make for great socialization areas in cooler weather, especially in the spring and autumn, and can be a great talking point, as they’re not particularly common.

These are just a few examples of some of the benefits of new fireplace installation in Wausau, WI when you’re designing and building your own custom home. For more information and tips about how you can get the fireplace of your dreams, reach out to the experienced team at Marcell’s Specialties Inc. today.

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