The Basics of Traditional Home Design

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Designing a custom home or remodeling an existing one gives you the opportunity to rethink the design and layout of your space. There are lots of different design styles out there for homeowners to choose from, each with their own unique features and decorative elements. Traditional home design continues to be a very popular option, but many homeowners aren’t exactly sure what it means for a home to have a traditional design aesthetic. Read on to learn more about traditional home design, which can even involve some creative fireplace mantel ideas in Wausau, WI.

What is traditional home design?

What we think of as being traditional home design originated in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. This approach to home design is designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Traditional home design offers a timeless feel with subdued elements and some formal features. The following are a few elements that are commonly found in traditional homes:

  • Neutral colors: In traditional home design, flooring, paint colors and other building materials tend to be neutral in color and tone. These neutral colors and warm lighting accents create a cozy space that is welcoming and comfortable.
  • Symmetrical designs: Symmetry is very important in traditional home design. While contemporary and modern homes are designed with asymmetrical elements to create visual interest, contemporary homes feature carefully balanced furnishings and décor to maximize symmetry. Accent chairs, bookshelves and end tables typically come in pairs in traditional spaces to ensure a balanced layout.
  • Art and textile accents: While traditional homes tend to feature subdued materials and colors, there are typically decorative elements in traditional homes that offer a splash of color and creativity. Textiles (including curtains and accent pillows) and artwork bring personality and visual interest to a traditional space.
  • Traditional fireplaces: In a traditional home, the fireplace is the anchor of the space. Traditional fireplaces are designed with neutral stone or brick masonry and a large, sturdy mantel to display artwork or knickknacks. In many traditional homes, the television is mounted above the fireplace in front of the seating area.

Some fireplace mantel ideas in Wausau, WI for a traditional space

There are a lot of different ways to style a traditional space that includes a fireplace. For a twist on traditional home design, try incorporating some modern elements into your fireplace area. Metal lighting fixtures or a modern mantel above your fireplace can add some personality to your space. Unique masonry options are also great to personalize your fireplace and create a more dynamic design in your traditional space. For the best results, it’s smart to consult with a professional who specializes in custom fireplace design to ensure you get a fireplace that’s perfect for your home.

Custom fireplaces

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