How to Keep Your Fireplace Clean During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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At the moment, the United States is in the grip of a pandemic known as the coronavirus. This turning point has average citizens throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country wondering how to stay safe and healthy in uncertain times. The question has been asked of experts from all walks of life, and the same answer has come back over and over again: keep yourself, your family and your surroundings as clean as possible.

We’ve learned how to wash our hands and how to behave in public. We’ve learned that distance is the best policy. But what about our fireplace, the open-air shaft that leads from our living room to the outside world? What steps can you take to make sure your fireplace is as clean as possible during the outbreak?

Fortunately, fireplace coronavirus safety tips in Wausau, WI run parallel to those you’d encounter in any other circumstances. Here are some factors to take into account.

Exercise caution

Hopefully, this should go without saying, but just in case: before you do anything to clean your fireplace, make sure it has cooled completely. Wait as long as necessary to avoid harming yourself or your family.

Protect your floor and furniture

Cleaning out your fireplace or wood-burning stove is a messy process, regardless of how careful you are. As a result, it’s essential to take steps to reduce the amount of ash and dust that can spread.

Before you begin the cleaning process in earnest, you should take steps to protect your carpet or hardwood floor by laying down an old towel or unused blanket. If you have furniture near the fireplace, you should cover it, as well. Finally, make sure you’re wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Start with the soot

Use a handheld brush to gently sweep the accumulated ash out of your fireplace. The brush that is included in most fireplace sets will do just fine when you’re working on fireplace cleaning in Wausau, WI during the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure to brush the walls and roof of your fireplace, as well. Once the ash is removed, dispose of the ashes in an outdoor garbage can and clean the area surrounding the fireplace thoroughly.

You can also take the extra step of using a vacuum attachment to make sure any minute particles are removed during the cleaning process.

Put your faith in Marcell’s Specialties Inc.

At Marcell’s Specialties Inc., we’re focused on educating our valued clients and customers with coronavirus safety tips in Wausau, WI during this trying time. It’s just another part of our ongoing commitment to our community. An outbreak won’t change our underlying promise to customers throughout Wisconsin.

Since we opened our doors in 1949, we have provided a huge selection of fireplaces as well as the accessories you need to get your fires going and keep them burning for hours. We also sell and install fire pits, fire tables, pellet stoves and more! We even do indoor and outdoor stonework on masonry and chimneys.

If you need to keep it burning, you can count on us. Give us a call today.

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