Outdoor Fire Pits vs. Outdoor Fireplaces: What’s the Difference?

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Adding a fire feature to your outdoor space offers a lot of benefits, including increased home value and more space for relaxation and entertaining. If you’re thinking about investing in an outdoor fire feature, you want to make sure your project meets all your expectations and allows you to maximize the return on your investment. One of the most important decisions to make when planning an outdoor fire feature is whether to build an outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace in Wausau, WI. Keep reading to learn about the differences between these features and which one is better for your needs.

Fire pits vs. outdoor fireplaces

Before deciding between a fireplace and a fire pit for your outdoor space, it’s important to understand some of the basic differences between these two features. Fire pits are open fire features that are typically designed in a circular shape that allows people to gather around the fire. Fire pits are typically made of masonry to contain the flames and create a controlled space for fires. Outdoor fire pits don’t have chimneys and offer a campfire atmosphere.

Outdoor fireplaces, meanwhile, are very similar in design and function to indoor fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces have chimneys and are usually designed with one door or side where people can gather around for warmth.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing between outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces in Wausau, WI:

  • Layout: One of the primary differences between fire pits and fireplaces is their design and layout. Think about whether you want a fire pit where you, your family and your guests can gather around, or if you’re looking for a cozy fireplace to sit in front of on chilly nights. It’s also important to think about how either option would work with your landscaping and the current layout of your outdoor space.
  • Cost: Another important factor to consider is the cost of outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. While costs can vary significantly depending on the specifics of your project, outdoor fire pits are usually more affordable than outdoor fireplaces. The equipment, masonry and design components required for outdoor fireplaces make them more costly to build than outdoor fire pits, which are usually relatively simple to construct.
  • Functionality: When it comes to functionality and heating efficiency, outdoor fireplaces are typically the more practical option. These fireplaces are designed to produce heat effectively with minimal heat loss. Fire pits don’t have any masonry keeping the heat in, which means that much more heat is lost.

Fireplace and fire pit construction

For help planning an outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit in Wausau, WI, reach out to Marcell’s Specialties Inc. With decades of experience building indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, our team has all the expertise and skills necessary to tackle your project, no matter what you’re looking for. Get started with a consultation with one of our experts and find out more about all the services we offer by calling us or stopping by our showroom to talk in person.

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