How to Prepare and Use Your Fireplace During the Spring

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Even as many parts of the country are closing up their fireplaces for the remainder of the year, the citizens of Wisconsin and other northern states still have several weeks to go before the fire-burning season is well and truly over. If you’re still burning fires and practicing smart fireplace preparation in Wausau, WI, here are some tips to stay safe and comfortable.

Keep burning good wood

Any conscientious homeowner understands that burning green or unseasoned wood isn’t just a pain to keep burning, but it can also undermine the integrity of your fireplace. So, even as many local distributors stop selling firewood, it’s important to make sure you’re still burning high-quality materials.

Keep your ash level low

One consistent task you can undertake to keep your fireplace in good working order is to clean out the ash before you burn a new fire. Not only will a high level of ash make your fires more difficult to start, but it can make the area surrounding your fireplace dirty, as well.

Light your fires from the top down

If you’re in the habit of lighting winter fires by placing your kindling on the bottom of your stack and letting the flames work their way up, consider an alternative method that burns more efficiently and creates less smoke. The top-down method begins by putting several large logs at the base of the fire pit. Put a layer of kindling on top of that, followed by a layer of wood shavings or a few bundles of balled-up newspaper. Light the newspaper with a match in several places and let the fire burn downward.

Use restraint

Even though spring mornings are chilly, they do eventually transform into warm and pleasant days. If the daily high is going to exceed 60 degrees, consider cutting your fire short. This will help prevent you from getting too hot, and it will conserve firewood over the long term.

Strategies for the springtime close-up

Once you determine that you’ve burned your last fire, you shouldn’t simply stop using your fireplace. A few tasks that focus on fireplace maintenance in Wausau, WI can extend the life of your stove for years to come.

If you have a wood-burning stove, make sure to close the damper. Once you’ve shut off your fireplace from the outside world, remove as much soot as possible with a routine clean. Finally, have a professional come to inspect the state of your fireplace, regardless of whether it runs on gas or wood.

Your fireplace expert

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