Fire Pit vs. Fire Table: Find Out What’s Best for You

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There’s nothing quite like sitting around the warm glow of a fire outdoors with friends. There are many ways to enjoy this comfort at your own home in Wausau, WI with an outdoor fire pit or fire table. But if you choose to have one installed, how do you know which option is best for you?

At first glance, fire tables and outdoor fire pits can seem like basically the same thing. It’s true that they share a lot of characteristics on paper: they’re both outdoor sources of fire meant to serve as a gathering space, and they are often similarly sized. But there are some key differences that may be the determining factor in which is right for your home.

Fire pits

There are many different types of fire pit you can install at your home. For starters, there are permanently-installed as well as portable fire pits. Both create a sense of ambience in the outdoor space at your property.

As you can imagine, a permanent installation is going increase the value of your home, but will take a lot more work to install. It can be tied into the gas lines of your house for ease of use. In this case, there will be no smoke or odor when you use the fire pit.

Portable fire pits can be more versatile than permanent installations. These can be wood-burning or gas-powered, and come in many different shapes and sizes. Fire pits can be made in any shape, and often are made from stone to achieve a rustic look.

One of the main differences between a fire pit and a fire table is that a fire pit is often simply an open flame with no surrounding table space. It’s designed for creating ambience through use of the fire, rather than being a piece that blends in with existing patio furniture.

Fire tables

Fire tables are similar to fire pits, but they are often taller and can be easier to match with your existing patio furniture. These are often spotted in fancy hotels and outdoor lounge areas. They can be a chic addition to your outdoor space.

They provide a good amount of warmth and can be portable and gas powered. And as the name suggests, fire tables can actually function as tables to hold your beverages as you chat around the fire.

Safety considerations

Both fire pits and fire tables involve a live flame, no matter if they’re gas-powered or wood-burning. This means they both require some amount of safety considerations when using them at your home.

You want to make sure not to use them in an enclosed space, so keep them outside when in use. You also need to be aware of the area surrounding the fire feature, so it’s essential to remove any combustible materials from the area. It may also be a good idea to install fire-safe stone pavers under and around the fire pit or fire table.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit or fire table in Wausau, WI, visit Marcell’s Specialties today to spruce up your outdoor space for spring.

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