Some Easy Ways to Make Your Mantel the Center of Attention

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Have you purchased a home with a beautiful mantel, but are unsure of what to do with it? A fireplace mantel with the right decorations can bring new life into your living room and make it your family’s favorite place to spend time together. There are many ways to decorate your mantel, including with the addition of plant life and art. If you’re ready to improve your Wausau, WI home, read on for plenty of fireplace mantel decoration ideas.

Add some greenery

The right kind of plant life will give your living room a natural look. Succulent plants like haworthia and echeveria, for example, are great options for those going for a modern look. It’s easy to take care of these plants as well.

Ferns are a popular option for fireplace mantels because they add a soft splash of green to living rooms with mostly neutral colors. Other plants that look great on fireplace mantels include bonsai trees, Christmas cactus, areca palm and more.

Avoid overcrowding

It’s usually not a good idea to overcrowd your fireplace mantel with decorations. Not only could this make your mantel look cluttered, but having too many decorations is sometimes dangerous. Crowded mantels also make it difficult to differentiate one decoration from another. Let all the fireplace mantel decorations in your Wausau, WI home get the attention they deserve!

Decorate the area around your mantel

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the area around your fireplace mantel. A pair of cabinets on either side of your mantel not only looks great, but also adds some extra storage space. You could decide to hang beautiful pieces of art on the wall around your fireplace mantel. Hanging framed pictures around your fireplace mantel is a great decoration idea for those with large families.

It’s usually a good idea to plan out your wall decorations before getting started. This will help you avoid decorations that clash with your furniture or paint. The right plan will also make it easier to avoid overcrowding.

Find the right art

Your mantel is the perfect place to display an amazing piece of art. When shopping for art, determine which pieces would go best with your living room décor. The wrong piece of art could clash with your existing décor, making it look out-of-place. This can happen no matter how beautiful the art is. Some people prefer to make a piece of art the only decoration for their mantel, which can work with neutral walls and furniture colors.

Celebrate the holidays

There’s nothing wrong with changing up your decorations for the holidays! During the winter holidays, consider adding Christmas lights to your fireplace mantel. The mantel is also a great place to hang stockings in preparation for Santa Claus’ arrival. Around Halloween, you might place some spooky decorations like plastic skulls and pumpkins on your mantel.

It’s important to have fun when decorating the fireplace mantel in your Wausau, WI home. For help finding the perfect mantel for your fireplace, contact Marcell’s Specialties Inc.

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