Safety Rules to Follow When Hanging Around the Fire Pit

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Fire pits are what make summer nights come alive. They stand at the center of every roasted marshmallow, spooky story and great conversation. It’s all fun and games until a gust of wind blows sparks onto a pile of dry branches! Follow these fire pit safety tips to avoid catastrophe and keep the fun going all night long.

Maintain a safe distance

Guests may lean a bit too close to the fire pit while they roast marshmallows or simply admire the mesmerizing flames. Fire is unpredictable and can flare up at a moment’s notice, igniting coat sleeves or long hair by accident. Avoid potential mishaps by arranging chairs a safe distance from the fire pit. Teach children to play far away from the fire, and limit alcohol consumption lest someone lose their coordination right next to the flames.

Collect fire extinguishing tools

Fire pit safety requires that everyone should be ready for the worst-case scenario. A spark could go rogue and cause nearby kindling to catch fire. Perhaps someone decided to throw one too many logs in the pit, and now the fire has gotten out of hand. Snuff out flames right on the spot with a bucket of water, shovel or fire blanket. Water will dampen the wood and surrounding grass, and you can smother flames either with the blanket or by shoveling dirt onto them.

Choose the right wood

Just because something is flammable doesn’t mean you should burn it! You might be looking for a way to get rid of old wooden furniture or leftover construction materials. However, these types of wood have been chemically treated and will emit toxic fumes if you use them as firewood. Play it safe with a bundle of logs from your local gas station or garden shop. Dead branches from the yard make great kindling, too.

Avoid fires during high winds

Never start a bonfire when high winds are in the forecast. Wind doesn’t just make logs difficult to ignite—if you manage to keep a fire going, strong gusts of wind will scatter embers across the yard and start little fires of their own! Even on nights when the air is relatively still, a gentle breeze can lead a couple sparks astray. Before igniting the logs, figure out the wind’s direction and move your fire pit to a place that’s blocked from the breeze.

Keep flammable objects away

Everyone should know by now that a vital part of fire pit safety requires you to keep flammable objects away from the flames. You’ll need to add more logs as the evening wears on, but keep your stash far from the fire’s reach. Clean the yard prior to lighting the fire pit so flying embers don’t land on dry leaves and twigs. Kindly ask guests to throw napkins, paper plates and wrappers in the trash once they’re done eating to avoid litter.

By following these fire pit safety tips, you and the whole family can enjoy an evening of summer fun without the risk of fire getting out of hand. For additional guidance on how to properly use your fire pit, contact the professionals at Marcell’s Specialties. We’ll make sure your fire pit creates nothing but warmth and positive, long-lasting memories.

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