Fall Is Around the Corner, Time to Freshen Up on Outdoor Fire Pit Safety

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An outdoor fire pit is a cozy, welcoming place to gather with family and friends on crisp, cool nights during the fall. As you spark up a log and get ready to enjoy the company of others, keep in mind that there are always safety concerns whenever you’re dealing with fire.

Looking for tips on safety with fire pits? Here are five things to remember as you enjoy autumn nights in the great outdoors.

Check wind conditions

Paying close attention to wind conditions is one of the most essential outdoor fire pit safety tips. Always check the local weather forecast before starting a blaze in your fire pit. Wind can make it hard to light the kindling, and also blow sparks around in the immediate area. On days when the wind is too intense, it’s best to skip the fire altogether.

You should also consider the direction of the wind as you use your fire pit. If you’re having guests over, advise them to gather on the upwind side of the pit to keep clear of the smoke. For owners of portable fire pits, it’s best to move it to a safe location with a natural windbreak.

Keep clear of overhangs

You should only operate a fire pit in a clear, open area. Never light a fire under a building overhang or beneath trees, as you can’t truly control how high the flames of a fire will reach. Keep fires away from any debris that could ignite—it’s simply common sense.

Use the right fuel

Don’t assume that you can use just any type of wood or kindling in a fire pit. The type of fuel you use plays a big role in outdoor fire pit safety. While it’s perfectly fine to burn wood that you’ve cut yourself or hardwood kindling and logs that you’ve purchased, you should never burn construction lumber. Materials like plywood, MDF, pressure-treated boards and even wood pallets have been treated with chemical resins and adhesives that emit toxic fumes when burned. Stick to natural woods and you and your guests won’t be inhaling those harmful chemicals.

Be prepared to put it out

When it comes to fire, you should always be prepared for an emergency. Keep a shovel, water and even a fire extinguisher handy when using a fire pit. Water will quench the fire, and you can use the shovel to smother the flames with dirt. A fire extinguisher can be used in worst-case scenarios, but make sure you know exactly how to use it beforehand.

Keep a safe distance

While everyone knows to be careful around a fire pit, it’s all too easy to get too close to the flames on cold nights or when you’re in the middle of a s’mores session. Keep chairs and other seating options a safe distance away from the fire pit and encourage guests to always be mindful of their distance from the flames.

Keep yourself, your guests and your property safe by following the essential tips on safety with fire pits listed above. Reach out to Marcell’s Specialties Inc. today to discover everything you need to know to make the most of your fire pit this fall.

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