Adding a Log Burner to Your Home Increases Its Value – Here’s Why

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Considering a wood-burning stove for your home? Log burners add instant ambiance and appeal, and they can also boost your property’s overall bottom line should you choose to sell in the future. How do log burners increase home values in Wausau, WI? Read on to get the inside scoop.

Efficient heating

Homeowners in Wausau, WI enjoy increasing home value with log burners simply due to the fact that they’re an efficient heat source. Winters get cold in Wisconsin, and central heating is often an inefficient and expensive way to heat a home. Today’s wood-burning stoves are more efficient than ever, and they can be eco-friendly, too. Modern log burners produce less air pollution than older models, burning properly seasoned wood. Since eco-friendly features instantly make a home more valuable, it follows that a modern wood-burning stove is a smart investment that pays off if and when the time is right to sell your property.

Minimal installation costs

While home renovations like updating a bathroom or kitchen can be exorbitantly expensive, adding a log burner to your home requires a minimal investment due to ease of installation. This is especially true in homes that already have a chimney. You can easily replace an open fire pit with a wood burning stove and installing a twin wall flue externally can be done in a matter of just a few days. Compared to other home improvement options, investing in a log burner is very low-cost.

Widespread popularity

While the explosion of HVAC systems in the 1960s and 1970s caused the popularity of fireplaces to wane, there’s been a recent renaissance in wood burning. Log burners are a clean, convenient alternative to open fires, and they look just as good as they function. Homeowners are seeing increasing home value with log burners simply due to the fact that they’re a sought-after amenity that people pay more for.


Wood-burning stoves are built to last, usually retaining their appeal and value for up to 20 years. Of course, you get what you pay for, and investing in a well-constructed stove has an impact on its overall longevity. Pay attention to the quality of materials used for the stove, as well as the quality of construction. Remember that proper maintenance can improve the lifespan of any stove. Regularly check the baffle plate and door gasket, as proper condition of these two components is essential for maximizing efficiency and heat output of the stove.

The way you use your stove will also play a part in its longevity. Build fires that aren’t too big or too small for the size of stove you’ve chosen. If you’ve selected a stove that’s a perfect fit for the size of the room it needs to heat, there’s no need to build a big fire. Be practical and your new stove will last for many years.

Interested in finding out more about how log burners increase home values in Wausau, WI and beyond? Reach out to Marcell’s Specialties Inc. and discover all the benefits of adding this charming and practical feature to your home.

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