Safely Decorate Your Fireplace This Holiday Season

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There’s nothing quite like having a cozy fire going during the holiday season. As with any open flame, it’s important to exercise proper safety precautions around a fireplace when it’s burning. That includes using safe decor for above the fireplace.

There are some general rules about fireplace safety that should be followed year-round, not just during the holidays, but there are specific dangers around this time that also need to be taken into account, like decorations and guests—especially children.

Here are some tips on how to safely decorate for the holidays with a fireplace.

Observe the 3-foot rule

One general rule on how to safely decorate for the holidays with a fireplace is to observe the 3-foot rule. That is: Keep a 3-foot zone around the fireplace free of any combustible materials. This includes Christmas decorations, blankets, pillows, wrapping paper and anything else that can burn. Christmas trees (both real and synthetic) are included in this recommendation from the National Fire Protection Association.

Watch those stockings

Hanging stockings by the fire with care is a tradition so honored that it has been immortalized in poetry. While it may bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to our hearts, if you’re not careful, it may also bring a hot, burning feeling to your home.

If you hang stockings on your mantel, make sure they also observe the 3-foot rule when the fireplace is lit. This means either moving them when you want to have a fire going or hanging them far enough away from the open flame so that you won’t have to worry about it.

Don’t burn wrapping paper

It may be tempting to toss that used wrapping paper into the fire after opening presents on Christmas—but don’t do it. That paper will burn quickly, and embers may float up and out of the fireplace onto flammable items in your home. In addition to this danger, most colored wrapping paper contains chemicals that release toxic fumes when burned.

Use a safety gate or screen

One way to help avoid anything getting into or out of the fireplace is by using a safety gate or fireplace screen. A safety gate is especially good for keeping small children from getting too close to the fireplace. This will still allow for adults to tend the fire as needed.

A spark screen is made of wire mesh that hangs from the top of your fireplace. This will help reduce the chance of hot embers flying out of the fireplace and catching on flammable materials, like paper, which are sure to be in abundant supply when presents are being unwrapped.

Choose decorations wisely

One way to safely decorate for the holidays with a fireplace is by using safe decor for above the fireplace. For example, maybe that paper chain a child made in school would be better off being hung away from the mantel.

There’s no denying that a beautiful fireplace can make for a serene holiday setting—as long as it’s used with safety in mind. For a wide selection of fireplaces and excellent customer service in Wausau, WI, contact Marcell’s Specialties Inc. today.

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