Update Your Fireplace on a Budget

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Your fireplace provides warmth and comfort—but you want a little bit more than that. You want it to be the focal point of the room while still being functional; however, you’re afraid that a fireplace remodel will cost too much.

It is possible to do fireplace design on a budget. Whether you want to try out a few things or personalize a new home, here are inexpensive fireplace updates that could work for your situation.

Add a mantel

Some people prefer the modern look of removing ornate pieces such as mantels. Others like the traditional look with a mantel above the fireplace. This is a relatively simple project that can change how your fireplace appears and create a space for family photos, decorations and more. It’s a good DIY project that won’t cost you too much to install.

Add paint

Right now, the current trend is for cool, more neutral paint colors like white and gray. If you’ve moved into a home with a bright red brick fireplace or a wood-paneled fireplace, it may appear to be dated. Painting or whitewashing the fireplace may be the way to go. It can change the appearance of the whole room in just a few coats. You can even go for a more contemporary look with contrasting dark colors in and around the fireplace.

Build around the fireplace

It’s not just the fireplace that’s important but what surrounds it as well. You can add built-in box shelves on the outside or a shiplap above. Many homeowners may also add a space for the TV above the fireplace. If you’re handy and confident in your design choices, you can make a great addition to the room.

Turn brick into stone

Many people turn to brick when they’re remodeling a fireplace, but making an all-new fireplace out of brick is surprisingly expensive. Instead, consider replacing the old brick with new stone. This is a beautiful, less expensive material to use in fireplace construction.

Add eye-catching art pieces

Draw the viewer’s eye toward the fireplace with a piece of beautiful artwork hung above the mantel. To stay on your budget, use a piece that you already have around the house. Add a frame that fits the room’s style, and you’re ready to go.

Use reclaimed wood

If you want to save on materials, one way you can do so is by using reclaimed wood. This is a warm, rustic look that’s perfect for any shabby chic space. Similarly, you can head to salvage shops to pick up knickknacks and candles to surround the fireplace. These affordable, colorful touches will make your fireplace stand out from the crowd.

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