Considerations To Make When Designing a Fireplace

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Fireplaces can add design and luxury to a home, whether indoors or out. It also sets the tone for socialization or relaxation. Whether you are deciding to install a new fireplace or update your old one, there are several factors you should keep in mind when choosing the best product to meet your preferences.

Consider Budget

Don’t forget to budget for your fireplace. You have to decide how much you are planning to spend. Obviously, it will cost more money to install a brand-new fireplace than it would update an existing one. Once you have a budget finalized, the rest of the process will be much easier. There are many hidden costs involved with installing a fireplace. However, the first two costs you should consider are the actual cost of the appliance and installation. Electric and gas fireplaces are more budget-friendly than other fireplaces, and this is something to consider if you are on a tight budget. Remember that the appliance should cost more than the installation. Communicate with sales consultants or visit a showroom to see what style options are available and get some ideas on installation costs.

Consider Size

When designing a fireplace, the first thing you should consider is the size. Fireplaces come in many sizes. You want to select one that goes well with the space you have available. If you want a fireplace that is easily visible, consider a large fireplace. However, a smaller fireplace makes the best option if you want one that can be more of an accessory than something that stands out.

Consider the Mantel

When discussing fireplace design considerations, think about the mantel you’d like. Many materials are available, such as stone, metal, and wood for fireplace mantels. You can choose the right design depending on if you’d like it to match the rest of the materials you already selected. Don’t forget to take the size of the mantel into consideration and how it goes with the size of your fireplace overall. You want to be sure you get a mantel that is proportioned well with your fireplace. Mantels are not always required, but it just depends on the final look you want to create.

Don’t Forget the Fuel

Gas and wood are the two most common types of fuel available today for fireplaces. If you select a wood-burning fireplace, remember that it will require continuous use of fuel on top of frequent cleaning to get rid of the debris leftover. However, the good news is that if your gas service gets interrupted, your traditional fireplace features will continue to work. Gas fireplaces will require less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces. However, they are more expensive, especially if your home doesn’t have an existing gas line.

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