Buying a Fire Table

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Spending time outdoors can be a great way to relax at the end of a long day or enjoy the weekend. Having the right furniture and equipment makes your time outdoors all the more enjoyable. Adding a fire table can make your time outside more comfortable and more elegant. Here is a brief overview of what fire tables are, what they do and how to pick the right table for your home.

Fire Tables Explained

So what is a fire table? Also called fire pit tables, these tables combine the practicalness of a table with a fire pit in the middle. A fire table can use wood, gas, bioethanol, charcoal or propane as a fire source. Tables that make use of propane via a tank are a common and easy-to-use choice. In addition, many fire tables make use of stones or fire glass to make the fire itself more visually appealing. Fire glass comes in multiple colors and fire stones tend to be lava rocks that easily resist the heat of an open flame. 

Advantages of Owning a Fire Table

  • Fire tables are elegant and decorative and add style to the outdoor areas of your home. Also, you can easily match your outdoor furniture to your fire table, resulting in a unified decorative style. 
  • Fire tables are useful throughout the year. While these tables tend to see the most use during the summer, when outdoor entertaining is more popular, they are also useful during the cooler parts of the year.
  • They make entertaining guests easier and far more memorable while still being easy to use.

Buying the Right Fire Table

What do I need to know about a fire table before buying one? This is a good question. Your first consideration should be the size of your outdoor area, as fire tables are available in many sizes. Also, consider the shape of the table, as square, rectangle and circular shapes are available. Next, consider how much seating you’ll need for visitors, as fire tables are an excellent place to entertain your guests. Finally, consider your fuel source, as some types of fuel are harder to use or refill, and some produce waste (such as ash) that you’ll need to dispose of. 

Final Thoughts

Fire tables are a convenient and striking addition to your home. With proper research, you can easily purchase a fire table that fits your outdoor layout, provides the table space you need and burns the type of fuel you want to use. Fire tables offer many years of use for entertaining guests or just enjoying them with your family throughout the year.

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