How To Properly Prepare for a Professional Chimney Sweep and Clean

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How do I prepare my fireplace for cleaning? There are many things you can do. But, before we discuss how to prepare for your chimney sweep appointment, you should know that chimney sweeps are beneficial in keeping your fireplace working properly. Not having your chimney swept can affect how it operates and even cause danger to your household.

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep

Do I need to prepare my chimney for a sweep and cleaning? The answer is yes, but there are many ways you can do this.

Ensure Your Fireplace Has Cooled Off

For a professional to be able to safely clean and sweep your fireplace, you must make sure that it has had time to effectively cool down. Do not use your fireplace at least two days prior to your scheduled appointment. The professional will not be able to do the chimney sweep if the fireplace is still warm.

Get Rid of Anything in Front of the Fireplace

Before the pro arrives to perform your chimney sweep, you need to ensure that everything in front of your fireplace, including logs, décor, and ashes, has been removed. If you have any fireplace tools sitting in front of your fireplace, you want to make sure that you move those as well to make room for their cleaning equipment. 

Furthermore, if you have any toys or small items in the vicinity of the fireplace, be sure to remove those as well. The professional will lay down a drop cloth to ensure the surrounding area remains protected during the process.

Cover Furniture

If you have any furniture sitting close to the fireplace, make sure to cover them to avoid having them covered with debris from the fireplace. If you have rugs sitting near, you should consider moving them to another room or covering it up with plastic. During the cleaning process, your professional will follow various measures to try and block debris and ashes from getting onto your furniture and leaving the fireplace.

Communicate About Issues

If there are any issues or things you may feel the professional should know about, make sure that you communicate these things before your appointment. For example, have you noticed odors or anything else that will impact the way the chimney performs? These issues should be discussed prior to your chimney sweep appointment. This allows the professional to try and detect these problems right away before they begin the cleaning process.

Don’t Forget To Ask Questions

Questions may arise before or during the chimney cleaning process. If they do, don’t be afraid to ask the professional performing the sweep. This is especially true if you just had a fireplace installed in your home since they can provide you with important tips and other information to help keep you and your household safe. By inquiring about your fireplace, you can gain knowledge and learn more about what the company provides.

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