9 Tips To Assure Fireplace Safety This Winter

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The sight of a roaring fire in your fireplace during the winter is comforting. However, you should never forget the destructive potential that fire possesses.

So, how do I make sure my fireplace is safe to use this winter? I feel confident that I am keeping my home as safe as possible by following the tips detailed below.

1. Inspect Your Fireplace

Before the start of winter, you would be well served to inspect your fireplace. Examine the firebox and the chimney for cracks and other signs of damage. Smoke stains near your chimney are also indicators that your fireplace is not in optimal working condition.

2. Administer Necessary Repairs

Do not use your damaged fireplace. If you intend to use it this winter, make sure you repair it properly first. Replace broken chimney caps, seal cracks, and address any other form of damage you find, so you can use your fireplace without worry.

3. Clean Your Fireplace

A dirty fireplace is more likely to spark uncontrollable fires.

To prevent that from happening, make sure you clear out ashes from the firebox whenever you finish using the fireplace. The chimney connected to your fireplace will require annual cleaning. Feel free to let professionals handle the cleaning, so they can remove the debris in and around your chimney.

4. Clear Out the Area Next to Your Fireplace

As much as possible, you want to keep the area surrounding your fireplace free of items that can catch fire. Decorating the top of your fireplace is perfectly fine, but its surroundings should remain clear. Keeping objects away from the fireplace also prevents your kids from potentially causing an accident.

5. Use Small Wood Chips To Fuel Your Fireplace

The wood you use in your fireplace can also determine how safe it is to use. Ideally, you should use small wood chips because they burn at a more controlled rate. They won’t suddenly produce a strong fire that could threaten your household.

6. Avoid Using Flammable Liquid To Ignite Your Fireplace

If you’re trying to start a fire in your fireplace, you should only use a match or a lighter. Don’t use lighter fluid or any other flammable liquid to ignite your fireplace because you may accidentally use too much.

7. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be found in every home. They are even more important if you are planning to use your fireplace this winter. Just make sure to test them out before setting them in place.

8. Always Keep a Close on Your Fireplace While It Is in Use

Leaving an active fireplace unattended is inexcusable. If you need to step away from the fireplace to run an errand of some kind, you should put out the fire first.

No matter how calm the fire looks now, it can still grow out of control pretty easily. Always keep an eye on it to prevent possible accidents.

9. Have a Fire Extinguisher on Standby

Last but not least, you should have a fire extinguisher ready if you want to use your fireplace. Fire extinguishers should be available at your local hardware store. Don’t forget to pick one up for your household.

Is it safe to use my fireplace in the winter? Using your fireplace should not be a risky proposition as long as you follow the tips we detailed here.

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