Knowing the Signs of a Blocked Chimney

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A fireplace and a chimney are great things, but when they are blocked, it can be impossible to use them and can also pose great danger. Knowing how to spot a blocked chimney can help you get your fireplace up and running this winter. There are a few signs you can look out for that will help you determine whether your chimney needs to be cleaned and unblocked.

Can a Chimney Get Clogged?

A chimney can certainly get clogged. It can get clogged by any number of things. Birds’ nests, debris from trees like leaves and sticks, soot, mouse nests and any other number of things can block your chimney and flue making it not only impossible to use your fireplace, but also very dangerous.

There are a few threats that are posed by a blocked chimney, first, it can prevent proper ventilation for your fire, which can cause smoke to back up into the home. It can also prevent the fire from being contained in the fireplace. It can cause the blockage to catch fire and fall back into the home, and more. Watching out for signs of a blocked chimney is essential if you have a fireplace that you intend to use.

How Do I Know if My Chimney Is Clogged?

The first sign that there may be a blockage in your chimney is that there is excessive smoke when you light a fire. The main function of a chimney is to direct smoke up and out of the home. If you are experiencing an excess of smoke in your home, you may have a blocked chimney.

Another sign that the chimney may be blocked is if you notice a white residue on your flue liner. This is a sign that the chimney is not venting properly and that the smoke is not being taken up and out of the home. You may also notice that there is water leaking back down into the chimney.

Still another thing that might signify a blockage is debris falling back into the fireplace or back into your room. This is something that you may notice before you ever even start up a fire in your fireplace. If you notice that any of these things are occurring, or you suspect a blockage, it is always best to hire a professional cleaner to take the time to identify the blockage and then remove it.

You cannot use a fireplace that has a blocked chimney. It poses a great danger. Taking the time to have your chimney cleaned out often and routinely can help prevent blockages and can help keep your chimney clear and safe for all seasons.  

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